Entry Doors: Which Material to Go For?

Homeowners often overlook the entry doors of their homes to save on heating and air conditioning. However they should not be neglected! Along with providing security to your home, entry doors also offers a beautiful path way for entering inside.  Nevertheless, you must determine which type of entry door you want to opt for regarding insulation value.

Wooden entry doors

Wood is definitely the first choice that comes to mind when talking about entry doors. But wooden doors are mainly preferred in the high end localities because it is a bit pricey as compared to other two types of materials, fiber glass and steel. Wood is also better in terms of maintenance because unlike steel and fiberglass, wood is not prone to getting damaged due to dents and scratches. But just like other materials, wood doors also need refurbishing and re-staining at least once every year to protect it against warping and climate conditions. 

Fiberglass entry doors

The second material that can be used as an alternate for wood is the fiberglass, which often appears to be similar to the real wood. If you are someone who does not want to spend much on the maintenance of entry doors then fiberglass is the one for you. This material does not require heavy maintenance as compared to other materials, which proves to be a great benefit for the homeowners. Entry doors made with fiberglass are also more resistant to the weather conditions and can last up to several years without even a re-paint unlike wood doors. In addition to all these qualities, fiberglass entry doors are also sturdy and durable. Great for protecting your home from the intruders!

Steel entry doors

Third on our list are the steel doors, which are not only economical but also strong against the weather and intruders. Steel entry doors are perfect for those homeowners who wants to save big on their remodeling cost. But when it comes to longevity, steel doors tend to last for a shorter time period as compared to fiberglass and wooden doors. Also, steel requires the maximum maintenance because it is most likely to get dents and scratches relatively faster than others. So it’s better not to opt for steel doors if you reside in an area prone to rains and salty air.